Sunset Beat

Sunset Beat

Mayan Monkey Tulum announces the electronic music event originating from the mysticism and magic of light in Tulum, consolidating an unparalleled sensory experience for its contrasts of House, EDM & Dance music. Sunsets Beats will immerse you in a lineup of DJs never seen before, headed by Holder, a native Mexican artist, with his exploratory house talent and performances at Mayan Warrior and EDC Mexico. 

Librero, Quintana Roo’s chill house pioneer makes an appearance to set the mood at the event for party lovers and closing with Mytriip, a duo involved in the combination of tropical/techno music and their Mayan happening.

Sunset Beats by Mayan Monkey Tulum, which appears to be the electronic music event with the best selection of rhythms, will be presented on September 18, 2022, consolidating a magical experience for all travelers.


Line Up:

Holder ( de 6pm a 9pm) 

Librero: (1pm a 6pm) 

MysTriip (9pm a 11pm)


Ticket on site the night of the event: 20 USD

Online presale: 50%OFF 10 USD