• The end of the year is a unique event in the whole world that means the closing of a stage to start a new one toasting and celebrating with your

  • During the end of the year in Tulum, the city changes completely, all the places are prepared to offer the best shows, events and surprises for visitors who love the

  • December in Mexico is one of the most memorable days of the year to gather with friends and family, while enjoying pleasant evenings together with special dinners and parties. Join

  • Various activities are added to Mayan Monkey in December to end and start the year with new ways to enjoy creativity and the passion to create new experiences. Workshop: Jewelry

  • Sustainable hotels in Mexico have increased significantly in recent years and travelers who come to visit our great country expect accommodations to adapt to the ecological world. At Mayan Monkey

  • There are only a few days left until this wonderful 2022 ends. New Year is one of the most anticipated celebrations for people. This is the meaning of new beginnings


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    Ecotourism in Cancun

    Cancun, the most recognized Caribbean city in Mexico is surrounded by different ecosystems and incredible natural sceneries, a city is considered a treasure since you

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