Plan your next friend-cation!

Plan your next friend-cation!

Are you itching to break free from the routine and create unforgettable memories with your squad? Look no further! Mayan Monkey has the perfect recipe for an epic friend-cation, especially with Spring Break just around the corner. Whether you’re a beach lover, a history buff, or a party animal, our diverse locations in Cancun, Tulum, and Los Cabos offer something for every kind of traveler.

Why choose Mayan Monkey for your friend-cation?

Known for its lively atmosphere and pristine beaches, Cancun is a party paradise. With Mayan Monkey, you’ll be at the heart of the action, close to world-renowned clubs, stunning archaeological sites, and turquoise waters.

For a more bohemian vibe, Tulum is your go-to destination. Enjoy the relaxed beach scene, explore ancient ruins, and immerse yourself in the Tuluminati experience. Mayan Monkey in Tulum is your ticket to this unique blend of nature, history, and chill vibes.

If you’re seeking a mix of luxury and excitement, Los Cabos has it all. From the iconic arch at Land’s End to vibrant nightlife, Mayan Monkey in Los Cabos offers a setting where sophistication meets a good time.

Plan your next friend-cation

Spring Break is synonymous with fun, and Mayan Monkey knows how to turn up the heat. Picture this: beach parties, live music, and a vibrant atmosphere. Our locations are strategically positioned to let you dive into the Spring Break spirit without missing a beat.

Activities for every squad!

Plan your next friend-cation

Adventure junkies: Embark on thrilling excursions, from zip-lining in the jungles of Tulum to water sports in Cancun.

Culture enthusiasts: Explore ancient Mayan ruins, visit historical landmarks, and soak in the rich cultural tapestry of Mexico.

Night owls: Indulge in the electrifying nightlife of Los Cabos and Cancun, where the party doesn’t stop until the sun comes up.

Plan your next friend-cation

Mayan Monkey’s accommodations are not just places to sleep; they’re hubs of community and comfort. Share dorms or opt for private rooms, creating a home away from home where you and your friends can recharge between adventures.

How to plan your friend-cation?

Choose your destination: Decide whether you want the vibrant energy of Cancun, the bohemian charm of Tulum, or the luxury of Los Cabos.

Check out spring break events: Keep an eye on our event calendars for Spring Break specials and activities.
Psst: We recommend you to keep an eye on our social networks! Especially our broadcast channel on Instagram. 😉

Book your stay: Visit our website or use our app to secure your spot at the heart of the action.
Tip! We’re releasing week after week incredible discounts on our website, we recommend you to include breakfast in your stay to cure your hangover deliciously.

Pack your bags: Get ready for a friend-cation filled with laughter, adventure, and memories that will last a lifetime.
If you forget something, you can always find it in our merch stores! (Just remember that underwear is the only thing we don’t sell, LOL).

Plan your next friend-cation

Your next epic adventure is just a click away. Plan your friend-cation with Mayan Monkey and get ready for the Spring Break of a lifetime!






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