Unlock the World’s Best-Kept Travel Secrets: Insider Tips Revealed

Unlock the World’s Best-Kept Travel Secrets: Insider Tips Revealed

Traveling is an art in this world. It’s not easy to acquire the passion, intelligence, and secrets that come with leaving home and exploring other corners of the world. Many people believe that all you need is accommodation, a flight, and money, but the truth is that it’s much more than that.

At Mayan Monkey, we have had the honor of meeting a lot of travelers from all over the world, and we are surprised every day with the many tips or advice that those who have been living an adventurous lifestyle for a long time now. That’s why we believe it’s time to share some of them with all our readers who are eager to start that journey they crave so much.

If you want to know these never-before-revealed secrets, all you have to do is keep reading.

A smile will take you around the world

We don’t want to sound too cheesy, but someone once told us that the key to gaining the trust of others and making new friends, or even getting discounts in stores, restaurants, and even hotels, is simply being kind. Think about it, when you meet someone for the first time, a simple “hello” and a friendly attitude can make the tension disappear, especially if you are in an unknown place or traveling alone.

Many solo travelers have told us that this is their most precious secret for meeting interesting people on their adventures. So, if you use it at the right moments, you may even find your soulmate.

Make plans, but try not to overdo it

It’s super important to plan your trip to avoid ending up in debt and limited in terms of what you want to do. However, it’s also a good idea to go with the flow a bit. A golden rule is to think about what to do during the first few days, but preferably only plan half of the estimated time, as you will have a better idea of what you have left to discover later. If you already applied the first trick, it’s very likely that you have already met some people or groups with whom you can share activities during your trip.

Buy Souvenirs that are worth it.

It’s common to buy souvenirs for friends or family during a trip, but the best souvenirs are those that truly inspire others to explore new places. An excellent option is to buy clothes with unique and creative designs that reflect what you want to share, or perhaps useful items for everyday life, such as water bottles, bags, or hats. If you want to see what we mean, take a look at our online store and discover the best products from Mayan Monkey. We assure you that you won’t regret it and you’ll understand what we mean by this rule.

Pack your water bottle and purifier

This tip may sound obvious, but it’s important to remember that there won’t always be a nearby store to buy water during your travels. Plus, using plastic bottles pollutes the environment and if you constantly refill them, you could get sick from bacteria. That’s why we recommend using a sterilizer or water purifier. These tools will allow you to keep water clean and ready for use at any time. Imagine passing by a river and refilling your bottle without any worries. Travel more responsibly and take care of your health at the same time!

Cash and Cards

It’s a fact that the world revolves around money, which is why many travelers have told us about the importance of carrying a credit card when traveling. Although you may have a budget set for your trip, unexpected expenses can arise. That’s why it’s recommended to look for a good bank that offers credit card options especially designed for travelers before leaving your city. This way you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind and without worrying about unforeseen expenses.

Lastly, don’t forget to research what type of currency is used in the place where you will be, it’s recommended to exchange some cash.

Now that you know these small but valuable secrets, you have incredible power in your hands. However, never forget to share your experiences and learnings with other travelers on your adventures, so you’ll learn a little more on each trip. If you’re looking to explore Mexico, at Mayan Monkey we’re ready to give you the best experience. Remember to book on our website and join our community of travelers through our social media!