The Best Restaurants in Los Cabos San Lucas

The Best Restaurants in Los Cabos San Lucas

Los Cabos San Lucas is one of the main tourist destinations in the south of the Baja California peninsula and in addition to its landscapes, the Californian vibe or the luxury hotels, it also has different places to satisfy the palate of the different travelers and adventurers of the world.

We are aware that each taste for food is different, so we want to help you in your search for The Best Restaurants in Los Cabos San Lucas.

Restaurant Bar Campestre $

One of the best places in the budget dining category. This is a space for families and friends where you can enjoy the essentials of Mexican food along with a wide menu of traditional dishes from the region. If you are a traveler with a limited budget and you want to know a great part of the Mexican gastronomy, you can visit this site.

Gardenia Tacos $

Los Tacos Gardenias has been open for 30 years and really has it all. From homemade food to the most exotic Mexican dishes, however, the most remarkable thing about this place is the diversity of tacos they offer. This place is constantly packed with people, both tourists and locals.

El Jarro Cafe & Grill $

This place consists of a small wooden house, where you can enjoy Mexican breakfasts as well as smoothies, club sandwiches and pot coffee. The restaurant is small but very cozy, all the decoration is made of clay and its prices are very cheap. If you are a person looking for vegan or gluten free dishes, this restaurant is a very good option.

The Office $$

One of the most colorful places near the beach. The Office, is a restaurant that stands out not only for the quality of seafood or Mexican food that they offer, but also for the concept of colors that is mixed in every corner. Located in front of the sea with one of the best views of Los Cabos, a beautiful sunset awaits you while you enjoy a good meal.

Don Manuel’s $$$

It’s time to move up a notch, Don Manuel’s is one of the most over the top restaurants in Los Cabos in recent years. This place is an evolution inspired by modern Mexican gastronomy that combines ancient and contemporary culinary techniques. The budget of this place is a little higher than the others, but you will not regret eating here.

Sunset Monalisa $$$

Located on a cliff near the bay of Los Cabos San Lucas, is the restaurant with the best view of the incredible Arch. The culinary experience of this place is outdoors and its gastronomic concept is based on Mediterranean cuisine that delights the palate with each dish. If you are a traveler who wants to go to a romantic place or who loves sunsets, Sunset Monalisa is perfect for you.

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