Feature Treatments:

Take your relaxation to the next level during your time in Los Cabos. Try our massage selection and feel the benefits they have to offer.

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It is a soft and relaxing massage, performed to help clear your mind and energize your body after a long day of adventures.

Benefits: Reduce back and head pain caused by stress and fatigue.

$50 USD


This technique targets areas of tension or tightness by applying concentrated pressure, it focuses on key areas of the body to break tension in the muscles, providing greater freedom of movement.

Benefits: Increased range of motion, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and reduces muscle pain.

$70 USD


It is a technique that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet and hands to reduce fatigue.

This technique is linked to many health benefits like:

  • - Promotes relaxation
  • - Reduces stress and anxiety
  • - Reduces pain
  • - Improves mood

$45 USD


Hair braiding service with the style of your choice. A fun and convenient way to not worry about your hair during your dynamic activities.