make new friends when you travel solo

4 Simple & Fun Ways to Make New Friends While Traveling Solo

4 Simple & Fun Ways to Make New Friends While Traveling Solo

4 Simple & Fun Ways to Make New Friends While Traveling Solo 1024 536 jc moreno

Traveling is quite a rewarding activity by itself, you get to explore new places and discover exciting new activities, but most of us nomads still enjoy meeting new interesting people along the way.

The best way for solo travelers to make new friends is—undoubtedly—to stay in a hostel. These are perfectly friendly environments where people are usually very open to meeting new people.

Here’s your go-to list for rocking the hostel-friend making challenge from the experts at the Mayan Monkey.

  1. Choose a party oriented hostel with a lively atmosphere.

A hip and social hostel, party oriented and with a fun and lively ambiance is your best bet to meet new friends. Your roommates will most likely be willing to team up for a night out and—who knows—you may even encounter a couple of new lifelong friends.

  1. Shared habitats beat private nests.

Yes, privacy is always good and comfortable, but when you travel solo it is best to go for the social. A dorm is the perfect habitat for your friend making endeavors. Sharing a room gives you a better chance to get to know other travelers than staying in a hotel room.

  1. Don’t shy away.

This is a must! You will not meet new people or make new friends if you’re always with your head down, staring at your phone or wearing your headphones. People will think that you just don’t want to talk and will keep on ignoring you. And that’s exactly the opposite of what you want, right? Find other solo travelers and feel free to start a conversation. Invite your roommates to explore the area or join a tour. Connect with the hostel staff, they are usually very friendly and can give you insider tips on how to make the most out of your trip. Start new conversations by asking other travelers about their journeys and travels. Ask questions and you’ll get answers!

  1. Stay active.

Most hostels feature communal areas where you can hang out with other travelers and find like-minded people to chat with. Head to the hostel bar and live it up a bit or go to the front desk and sign up for local excursions, parties and activities that may open the door for you to meet new people. Hostels usually host fun activities including pool parties, which are perfect to get people in a relaxed mood and open to meeting others. If you join a tour or any other activity run by the hostel, you’ll see that conversation flows naturally and without much effort, so make sure that your name is always on top of the list for any activities you see advertised at the hostel.

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