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Best museums in Cancun

You may think that Cancun, the treasure of the Mexican Caribbean, is recognized only for being one of the most visited tourist destinations in Mexico, for its beautiful beaches and hotels, however, sometimes it goes unnoticed that this city is located in one of the most important Mayan cultural regions of the world. One of […]

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Ecotourism in Cancun

Cancun, the most recognized Caribbean city in Mexico is surrounded by different ecosystems and incredible natural sceneries, a city is considered a treasure since you can find mangroves, lagoons, beaches, natural reserves, and cenotes to different ancient Mayan archaeological sites. The best activity to get to know the cultural diversity of a place is traveling […]

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The Best Restaurants in Tulum

The most recognized Mayan city in the world is one of the must-see tourist destinations in Mexico, located in the Riviera Maya with a bohemian and tropical environment. Tulum has positioned itself as one of the most visited places of the moment, either for its paradisiacal beaches, turquoise blue sea, its natural structures, Mayan temples […]

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5 Tips for Digital Nomads

You’ve probably heard the term “Digital Nomads” or know friends, family and travelers who identify as one of them, this is because working and traveling the world sounds like a dream but it is already more common than usual. Basically being a digital nomad is a lifestyle, traveling or moving from one place to another […]

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Whale Watching in Los Cabos

Located at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, is one of the most recognized Mexican cities in the country and the world: Los Cabos San Lucas. Here combines an extraordinary Mexican charm and Californian vibe for different reasons. Some of them are for its beautiful desert landscapes, fine sand beaches, the turquoise sea […]