1. Purpose. This registration card (accommodation service agreement) sets for the the relationship between the hotel and the guest.

2. Services. The hostel shall provide the guest with the bed/room(s) the number of nights and set dates as specify in this registration card and provide the services described in the Hostel Services Directory.

3. Rates and Additional services. The guest must pay the rate per person indicated on the Registration Card and in the booking confirmation as well as any additional service that the guest may order. The services that have an additional cost are duly described in the hostel services directory and mentioned at check in process.

4. Guest, companion’s registration and Invitees. The guest represents and warrants that the information provided to the hostel related to his/her identity and registered companions’, the hostel may not provide any service or whatsoever to any person who is not duly registered in the obverse or this registration card.

Any guest’s invitee wishing to access the hostel must first register with the hostel at the front desk, show photo ID and leave this ID at the front desk until he/she leaves the property.

Alcohol, drugs and weapons are totally forbidden to access the property for any guest, visitor or colleague.

5. Check in & out. Check in time is at 3 pm or after that, check out time is 12 pm or before that.

6. GUEST OBLIGATIONS. The guest is obliged to:

Pay the rate for the room(s)/bed(s) identified on the booking confirmation as well as the balance arising from any other services.

Pay any damage caused in the property done by purpose or accident.

Comply and obey with all obligations established.

Refrain from extracting from the hostel any item that, given its nature, must remain in the hostel (such as television, remote controls, towels, screens, pillows, among others).

Refrain from smoking outside the areas designated to do so, as well as comply with the other hygienic rules applicable. Report immediately to the hostel front desk or management any crime or situation out of the ordinary that the guest was victim of or witnessed.

Refrain from bringing any type of drugs, weapons or anything that could damage or injure any other person of the image of the property.

7. HOSTEL OBLIGATIONS. The obligations of the hostel are informing the relevant authority of any event that may be aware of, that infringes or may infringe the applicable law and providing the accommodation services in the terms set forth herein, Hostel Services Directory, the hostel rules and the applicable law.

8. Rescission. Any breach to the terms and conditions set forth in, shall be considered as a rescission cause to this agreement. The hostel will reimburse the guest with an amount of money equal to that already paid by the guest in the event of rescission caused by the hostel. .

The guest must pay in full all the hired services (with no deduction whatsoever) in the event of rescission caused of the guest.

9. Valuable objects and their deposit. The hostel will be responsible for the securities, documents, money, jewelry and other objects the guest hands to the hostel for custody at the front desk (security box) Through the Hostel manager. Both, guest and manager must sign the safekeeping of values format and those are the only two persons authorized thereby may claim the deposited items back. The hostel IS NOT responsible for any item stolen, lost or damaged placed on the locker, bed, room, common areas, kitchen or any other place inside the hostel.

10. Use of the room. The Guest shall not allow access to its room nor invite within the hostel to any person different from those listed on the registration card or day pass registered at the front desk. Refrain from having any unmoral activities in the dorms. Refrain from smoking inside the dorms/rooms. Refrain to put loud music inside dorms.

11. Services provided by third parties. Third parties provide some hostel services. Therefore the hostel is not responsible for the quality, security measures or any other aspect related with the services provided by such third parties.

12. Swimming pool, balcony. The guest hereby releases the hostel from any responsibility, contingency or claim for the use given to these facilities by the guest itself. The guest also releases the hostel any right the guest may be entitled to claim or file for lawsuit or any other legal procedure in connection with any contingency or responsibility arising from the use of such swimming pool or balcony, all common use areas and those adjacent to the room as well as the hostel common use areas and the room itself.

13. Data protection. The guest accept and acknowledge that they have been informed with the privacy note which contents can be also consulted at the hostel website www.Mayan Monkey.com therefore, hereby they grant their widest consent for their non-sensitive personal data be used and processed pursuant to the terms and conditions of such privacy policy.

14. Early Departure. In the event the guest decide to check out from the hostel in advance to the date mentioned in the reservation the guest must pay during holiday season the total amount of the reserved nights by the guest without a discount, during high season equivalent to two nights and low season one night. Same applies for cancellation policies.

15. Admission of pets. The hostel does not allow guest to bring pets inside the facilities except for certified guide dogs.